Immersive Virtual Reality

A single-user virtual reality experience using an HTC/Vive configuration with a powerful gaming computer, and the most popular games available on the “Steam” platform. Although single-player, it can be as much fun for spectators which we show on a separate TV.

The player wears the special VR glasses and also hand controllers that enable them to interact with the game. There is a continuously updated range of games available, and we always try to make sure we have the most popular available. Take a look at our Gallery page for what we offer at the moment.

We recommend a floor space of 3m x 3m that is clear of all furniture and obstacles to operate the HTC system safely. Although it is not based on a motion platform, many of the games involve action (Skiing, Boxing, Shooting, etc) and you must be aware that the player cannot see what is around them in the room.


With Operator: Basic pricing €150 for 2 hour rental, €250 for a half-day rental, including full HTC kit.

Without Operator: 1-3 days, €100 per day; extra days then charged at €50 per day

(Option) Delivery, Set-up & Collection €50
Refundable Deposit: €500

Combination Discounts
Discounts are available for customers who rent more than one product, or multiples of one product, for example:
2 x 2-seat VR simulators
1 x 2-seat simulator + 1 x HTC system
Please contact us for a quotation.

Samples Of Our Immersive VR Experiences

Please go to our Gallery page to see our full selection of games.