Our 6-seat VR Cinema/Roller Coaster

Six seats on a flight simulator motion platform with VR glasses, 6 degrees of freedom (surge, heave, sway, pitch, roll, and yaw) and a range of special effects (audio, wind, vibration, leg tickling, back poking) to make the most realistic ride possible.

All the thrill of a roller coaster without any of the risk!

A range of motion-based experiences that include horror and suspense to supplement the large range of roller coaster rides available, generally lasting about 5 minutes each. Please go to our Gallery page to see a selection of available rides.

Our VR Cinema is trailer-based, but only requires an operating area of about 4m x 4m.

Suitable for larger parties/events, our system is able to offer in the region of 250 rides/experiences in a ½ day session.

An external TV is provided for spectators to share the experience.


Our basic pricing for a half-day rental is €500 (€750 full day) which includes delivery/installation and 2 operator/supervisors.

For longer rental periods please contact us.

Combination Discounts
Discounts are available for customers who rent more than one product, or multiples of one product, for example:
2 x 2-seat VR simulators
1 x 2-seat simulator + 1 x HTC system
Please contact us for a quotation.

Samples Of Our 6-Seat Rides

Please go to our Gallery page to see our full selection of games.