Our 2-Seat Interactive VR Simulator

Two seats in the shape of Dinosaur Eggs sit on top of a motion simulator. The player sits inside the egg and wears VR Glasses. This enables the player to have 720° vision and look all around. A target appears in the player’s line of sight and, using joysticks, the player is able to shoot at any threat that appears.

There is a range of over 30 games available suitable including Adventure, Horror, War, Science, Cartoons and Roller Coasters. Each game lasts for about 5 minutes. Please go to our Gallery page to see our games selection.

Our 2-seat system can be operated from our trailer, or inside your location if you have the space and access. All we need is an area of 2m x 3m with a flat access path 1.5m wide. We can also offer to install systems in a bar or restaurant of your choice.

A 2-hour rental is generally most suitable for a party of 8-12 players who would each enjoy 4-5 different experiences. For larger numbers we can provide additional VR simulators.

An external TV is provided for spectators to share the experience.


Our basic price for a 2-hour “party” rental is €200 with additional hours charged at €50.

Daily rate for our 2 seat system (with operator) €350

Weekly rate for our 2-seat system (without operator) €700

Combination Discounts
Discounts are available for customers who rent more than one product, or multiples of one product, for example:
2 x 2-seat VR simulators
1 x 2-seat simulator + 1 x HTC system
Please contact us for a quotation.

Samples Of Our 2-Seat Interactive Rides

Please go to our Gallery page to see our full selection of games.